False Justice In Adams County, Colorado
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    I do not think it would be fair to go into too many details of the accidents or medical
    conditions that stressed our family from the middle of 2005 onward.  What I will tell
    you is that two members of our immediate family nearly died and suffered long term

  • One event was an unfortunate accident that did not occur on our property and I
    was not present when calamity struck.

  • The other event was medical and now we deal with that situation every day.

    Both events put severe strain on every member of our family and if we did not have the
    love and support of our local community and my coworkers I believe our family would
    have disintegrated. Instead, we have grown stronger and closer.

    However, while I was focused on supporting the injured members of our family our
    eldest daughter was obviously suffering in silence and eventually the strain on her was
    too much. In late 2006, approximately November, she attacked me in the house,
    kicking, hitting, screaming and I did not bother to protect myself, I simply walked out
    of the house and went for a car ride to think about the correct course of action. When I
    returned from my drive, 45 to 60 minutes later, a Sheriff's Deputy was at our home:
    My eldest daughter had called the Police and told them I attacked her. While I was not
    uncooperative, I certainly was not in any mood for this new game. I told the Deputy my
    daughter was not telling the truth and that I was attacked. The Deputy filed a report,
    called Social Services and we began the process of Social Services coming out to
    interview our children.

    During the Social Service case workers process they wanted to interview our children
    in private. While we allowed that for our older children, who were still minors at the
    time, we refused to allow that process for our younger two children. At that point the
    Social Services Case Worker started issuing threats to both my wife and I. However, we
    refused to back down and eventually the case worker interviewed our two youngest
    while we were in the room. It turned out to be a good thing we demanded  to be
    present as the case worker routinely "misinterpreted" what our children were saying.
    By working through the process and occasionally interjecting to force the case worker
    to re-ask the question we think a fair interview was completed. However, it was clear
    to us that our two youngest were traumatized by this process.

    A couple of weeks later my wife caught our oldest daughter smoking cigarettes in the
    barn while sitting on a loose pile of hay (Dangerous in more than one respect). She
    lectured our daughter and then gave her some floor scrubbing chores to help the
    message sink in.  Our eldest daughter proceeded to call the Sheriff again.
    Unfortunately for her, the Deputy who arrived was a parent and immediately saw
    straight through her lies. This Deputy, upon learning about her earlier allegations
    against me took the time to interview my son. My son laid the facts out honestly; My
    Dad did NOT attack my sister, My sister attacked my Dad. This Deputy then filed a new
    police report with truth from my son and soon afterwards Social Services backed off
    and closed their investigation into our oldest daughters original complaints.

    In December of 2007 our oldest daughter turned 18. In February of 2008 she went to
    school one morning and never came home. We did some investigating (We were
    worried but she had been threatening to leave for over a year at this point) and we
    discovered that she had moved in with the family of one of her school friends. Her
    school grades plunged, her school attendance was pathetic but at this point there was
    very little we could do for her. At some point she left Colorado and moved to either
    Washington State or Oregon.

    In late June, early July (2008) my wife discovered that our oldest daughter had been
    putting our three remaining minor in children with adults that we knew and believed to
    be dangerous (One of these adults had threatened to kill my oldest daughter while she
    was still an infant). We asked her to stop. She refused and consequently we cut off all
    communication between our three minor children and our oldest Daughter and the
    Adults she had put them in contact with.  That's when the threats to my wife and I
    started and the threats were along the lines of: You will never see your kids again.

    We knew that one of the adults who was assisting our now estranged oldest daughter
    was a long distance truck driver and we were very concerned about kidnapping. This
    adult had called my cell phone and started the conversation by asking if we could
    work through the challenges and while I initially agreed I quickly found myself being
    cursed at and then being told that "people like me had no right to be alive". Obviously,
    I hung up the phone and did not take any further calls from this person.

    On the afternoon of July 10th, 2008 I received an Email message containing more
    threats from our oldest daughter.

    Consequently, while I was preparing the BBQ for the evening meal and I saw two
    vehicles I did not recognized enter our property and proceed at a rapid pace down our
    long driveway, I was not thinking "Who are you?", "Why are you here?" I simply
    perceived a threat and asked myself "What should I do?". A heart beat later I was
    headed for my shotgun which was close by (When I am in high alert my shotgun is
    always close by).  My wife was several hundred feet away from me on the other side of
    our house in the garden and she perceived a threat and was running to join me. My
    son and second oldest daughter were in the house and independently they perceived a
    threat, and only the lord knows how since when they are watching T.V. or playing video
    games I think a tornado could hit our house and they wold not notice, but they came
    running out. My wife tells me it was because the vehicles were racing their engines as
    they approached that alarmed everyone. I can't say what, exactly, caused everyone to
    perceive a threat but my second oldest daughter was so alarmed that she instructed
    our youngest daughter to stay in the house which again was atypical for our family.

    To be clear, my wife and I had NOT shared the fact that we were receiving threats or
    that we were very concerned. Obviously, they did know something was up with their
    older sibling when we cut off all communications between them.

    To emphasize, the situation of having vehicles racing down our 1/4 mile long driveway
    was so unique that everyone in our family realized a threat was approaching.

    It was at this point that I placed myself in the center of our driveway, deep within our
    property, with my gun raised high above my head so that the approaching vehicles
    could clearly see that I was armed. I am not a small person, I am 6' 2" tall and with my
    reach my gun was 8 feet above the ground and parallel to the ground. The cars
    continued on their approach.

    My eyesight is not too good (I am blind as a bat without my glasses) and at that point I
    had put off having my eyes checked or getting new glasses or lenses for over three
    years due to our on-going medical expenses. Even with my glasses my vision was not
    too good. Good enough to see objects but not good enough to make out details. It was
    not until the vehicles were about 100 yards away making the turn from North to East
    on our driveway that I realized the second vehicle was an Adams County Sheriff's
    vehicle. I still had no idea who was in the first vehicle.

    When I realized the second vehicle was an Adams County Sheriff I lowered my gun so
    that I was now holding it with two hand so that the barrel was in my left hand and the
    stock of the gun was in my right hand. I had it pointed up and toward the left, away
    from the approaching vehicles and into an empty field. The cars continued to approach.

    The first vehicle stopped about 5 feet in front of me, I noticed that there were two
    ladies in the vehicle and that the vehicle was unmarked. The Sheriff's vehicle stopped
    15 to 20 feet behind the first and from that point forward I had my attention on the
    Sheriff's Deputy. The first question I asked was: Do You have a warrant? He said No
    and I told him he was trespassing.

    At this point you are up to speed if you have read the overview of my current situation.
    It is important to realize that after I was arrested and jailed on July 11th, 2008 that my
    children were interviewed by the Adams County Sheriff's Detectives, our property and
    house were searched (ransacked) and that NO evidence was found to collaborate the
    complaints made by our oldest daughter to Adams County Social Services.

    At the end of the summer of 2008 I received notification from the Adams County
    Social Services Department that investigation into the complaint filed by our oldest
    daughter had been closed. Clearly our oldest daughter has filed charges against me
    twice and twice the complaint was found to be without substance.

    I know that I am painting a very negative picture of our oldest daughters behaviour.
    However, I am simply relaying the facts. There was a time before the injuries to our
    family members when she was the kindest, most honest, gentle, sweet, good hearted
    person. I really do believe that the injuries to our family members had a devastating
    impact on her and something broke inside. She started hanging out with the wrong
    kids at school, she started making contacts with people most of would classify as "bad
    influences." We had tried to get her help, we had her in for counseling, we asked
    friends and neighbors to speak with her. My greatest regret is that we lost her soul
    through this difficult period in our lives and I am only able to hope and pray that she
    turns back from this dark path and finds the light of love once again.

    However, it is not looking too good. My wife located her MySpace site and she is
    obviously into alcohol and sex, full of hate and has some very nasty things to say
    about both my wife and I.  Her lies have grown over time and her deepest desire
    appears to be to see the death of my wife. My wife is so distressed that she has asked
    me NOT to assist our oldest daughter if she attempts to contact her. While we did
    change all of our home phone numbers I did not change my cell phone number of my
    private business line, I wanted to leave the communications channel open in case she
    realized that her family does still love her very much.

    In fact, just a couple of weeks ago our oldest daughter did contact me on my private
    business line and made more threats. She then had an adult (30+ years old) friend
    call me and make additional threats to call in complaints with Social Services and/or
    the Sheriff's office. The threats also included coming directly onto our private property.
    I immediately informed this adult that our property is private and that neither her or
    our oldest Daughter were welcome here. I told her that if either one of them or both of
    them showed up on our property I would have them arrested for trespassing
    immediately. We will see what transpires this summer.

    After reading through this I hope it is obvious to you what is taking place: We have a
    disturbed young women who is in deep emotional pain who is attempting to leverage
    the powers of  Adams County to seek her vengeance upon her parents.  

    My wife and I do NOT abuse our children. We are caring and loving parents who have
    dedicated our lives to our children and to each other.  We have scarified our comforts
    and our pleasures for the benefit of our family and did so without any resentment as
    we both determined long ago that raising a family was our greatest joy.

    While I am frustrated (very frustrated) with how the Adams County Social Services and
    Sheriff's Department have decided to handle this situation I will tell you that they are
    as much pawns in this vindictive scheme as my wife and I are. When our eldest
    daughter called in her complaint to Adams County Social Services last July 10th, 2008
    she had not been in our house in months and had made the complaint from out of

    Both  Social Service Workers had access to the prior reports and should have been
    suspicious of the complaint from the moment it was called in. Instead of determining
    to make a "surprise visit" they could simply have called and told us they were coming
    or scheduled an appointment to do their "child welfare" check. One of the Social
    Services workers has admitted that their intention was to surprise us and she also
    admitted that they KNEW I had guns before ever entering our property in her
    statements to the Sheriff's Department Detectives. The Same Social Service Worker
    also admitted that this information was NOT relayed to the Sheriff's Deputy in her
    statements.  The Social Service workers also had the opportunity to halt their vehicle
    as soon as they saw that I was carrying a gun and yet they made the decision to move

    The person I have the most empathy for in this confrontation is actually the Sheriff's
    Deputy. The Deputy was called by the Social Services Case Workers as no complaint
    was filed by our oldest daughter with the Sheriff's department. The Deputy had no
    opportunity to review prior reports and was not given the entire story by the Social
    Service Workers when they met before coming onto our property. The Deputy was
    being used by the Social Service case workers as an "enforcer" and had been taken
    out of his natural role to "preserve the peace". Simply due to the fact the Social Service
    Workers car was the lead vehicle, he had no opportunity to halt progress of the
    advancement onto our property once he saw the gun, the only option he had was to
    follow the Social Service Case Workers into an armed conflict.

    I knew the Deputy was armed and he was the center of my focus. All of my
    conversation was with the Deputy, I never exchanged a single word with the Social
    Service workers. I also realized that the Deputy was wearing a bullet proof vest, was
    standing behind his vehicles door and was outside the effective range of my shotgun
    while I was standing in a T-shirt and shorts with absolutely no protection. While I was
    deliberate and forcibly calm I understood my precarious situation and I am sure the
    Deputy recognized where my attention was held. By never using his weapon he
    probably saved my life.

    The honest truth is that I do have respect for the Adams County Sheriff's Deputies. They
    had clearly saved the life of my wife at least once before, and probably twice and that
    is not something you forget.

    I am much less empathetic with the Detectives, Sergeants and Command and Control
    Structure of the Adams County Sheriff's department as they clearly made the decision
    to ignore the 4th amendment to the U.S. Constitution as well as Sections 7 & 13 of
    Article II in the Colorado Constitution when arresting me and filing these charges I now
    face. Since Section 13 of Article II is clear that the right to bear arms when protecting
    yourself, your home or your property may not be called into question the subsequent
    arrest was a flagrant violation of Colorado Statutory law. At this point I think the chain
    of command had determined that they were going to teach me "who the boss is".

    Clearly, my view is that my arrest and the charges I now face are clearly
    unconstitutional if the Colorado Constitution has any remaining power in our State.  
    And while I am not out for retribution I do believe that some "tune up" training is in
    order to assure that a situation like this never occurs again. We the People have given
    Social Service Workers and our Sheriff's department tremendous power and unless we
    hold some checks and balances against that power our society will surely devolve into
    a despotic Police State.

    The only questions remaining is will the Colorado Constitution survive this test and
    who will stand with me to protect the equal application of the rule of law?

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